How to Make “Maru-tsumami”

You will need 

  • square cloths (1.5 inch squares are easy to start.)
  • glue ( I use Aleene’s “Fast Grab Tacky Glue,” but you can use any glue that works for fabric )
  • tweezer (you don’t need them, but they make things a lot easier. )
  • wet tissue (for cleaning your fingers after using the glue)

Making “Maru-tsumami”

1. First, make a triangle by folding a square cloth half

2. Then, fold it in half again to make a smaller triangle.

3. Fold it half again, but both ways this time.

4. Glue at the bottom part.

5. Wait until the glue dries enough. (It doesn’t need to be completely dry, just enough to keep its shape.)

6. Shape the top round part to make a petal.

7. Extra! This depends on what kind of flower you are making, but you can open up the bottom part to make a petal wide.

8. Now, just repeat the steps until you make as many petals as you need for your flower.

Now that your petals are ready, you’re ready to make beautiful tsumami-zaiku!

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